Renovation of a luxury hotel

Reports & Signature projects 18 September 2020

Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge was honoured to be part of this renovation project for a new 5-star hotel located in Liege, Belgium. The project consisted of the construction of a new building and the renovation of two listed buildings, including a 15th century private mansion.

For the flooring, blue stone tiles in 2 different finishes were selected: Sawn and Natura Blue.


  • For the reception, corridors and catering areas: tiles with a Sawn finish
  • For the stairs: steps and risers with a Sawn finish
  • In the lifts and wellness areas: tiles with a Natura Blue finish
Belgian Blue Stone floor tiles - natural stone - blue limestone

In the spotlight

The Sawn finish

With its light grey-blue hue, Sawn is a smooth finish characterised by bands of different shades and traces of saw blades. This finish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Belgian Blue Stone floor tiles - natural stone - blue limestone

Natura Blue finish

With it blue-grey hue, Natura Blue is a dry-milled type finish giving the stone a satin-like appearance. Natura Bleu finish slabs are smooth and soft to the touch. The edges of these slabs are sharp but slightly curved at the edges.