A museum between heaven and earth

Reports & Signature projects 18 September 2020
Blue stone tiles - black honed - natural stone - Belgian blue stone

The Battle of Fromelles in 1916 saw a face-off between a British and Australian division and Bavarian regiments on French territory.

In 2009, during an excavation campaign commissioned by the Australian government, archaeologists unearthed the bodies of 250 British and Australian soldiers. A year later, a cemetery was built to give them a final resting place and the project for a new museum was launched.

The Battle of Fromelles Museum was inaugurated in June 2014. Insights into the archaeological research and the individual stories of some of the soldiers buried in the cemetery have now further enriched the museum’s collections.

Designed by architect David Serero, the museum is reminiscent of the German blockhouses in the Weppes landscape. The low-profile building is semi-buried on its northeast side. It sets out to nurture the link between heaven and earth, between the visitors and the soldiers.

Belgian Blue Stone is featured both inside and outside the museum:

Location: Fromelles – France

Architect: Serero Architectes

Project owner: Communes de Weppes