The advantages of Belgian Blue Stone

09 Pierre Bleue Belge - Sol - Sabbiato Bleu

A stone with many face

With its many finishes, Belgian Blue Stone is suitable for a large number of applications and bespoke projects. It is characterised by a wide range of hues and many finishes… Give free rein to your imagination!

A stone that goes well with all architectural styles and materials

Belgian Blue Stone can be used for all types of architecture, including yours, and blends effortlessly with all materials.

Pierre Bleue Belge - (BE - Bruxelles Galleries de la Reine)

A stone of unrivalled resistance

Massive and compact, with low porosity, Belgian Blue Stone is resistant to compression and wear. It withstands aggression such as pollution, frost, chlorine, rain and wind, even laden with sea salts. It will be faithful to you for years.

A healthy stone

Belgian Blue Stone is natural. Biologically inert, it is also non-allergenic, non-radioactive and incombustible. So you can use it without thinking twice in every room of your home.

A stone that develops a patina

Unlike imitations, the authentic Belgian Blue Stone takes on a beautiful patina as it gets older. Its prestige grows over time and suits both the minimalism of designer projects and the charm of classic styles.

20 Pierre Bleue Belge - facade - Spuntato

A stone that respects the environment

Opting for Belgian Blue Stone means choosing a 100% natural local stone that is non-polluting and whose mining, cutting, finishing and transportation techniques have a lower impact on the environment and humans.

A stone for all climates

Unlike exotic stones of lesser quality, Belgian Blue Stone is resistant to all climates and is not affected by variations in the weather. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

A maintenance-friendly stone

You will appreciate how easy it is to use. Its low porosity and hardness make it particularly resistant to soiling and pollution.
 Outside, it does not require maintenance. Inside, a few simple gestures are enough.