Belgian Blue Stone, an ecological choice

Given the current climate and social issues, Belgian Blue Stone is an indisputable reference for eco-construction!

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Opting for Belgian Blue Stone means choosing a 100% natural, non-polluting stone of unparalleled longevity and resistance and whose mining, cutting, finishing and transportation techniques have a lower impact on the environment and humans.

A natural and healthy material

Blue Stone is not subjected to any production process other than shaping and sizing.
 Biologically inert and with almost no porosity, Belgian Blue Stone is non-allergenic and non-radioactive. It contains no harmful products, such as formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It can therefore be installed in all your living spaces without any danger for your family.

A maximum lifespan… Several times over

For centuries, Blue Stone has been one of the most highly appreciated building materials. Not susceptible to frost, atmospheric pollution, rain and winds laden with sea salts, it has a unique lifespan. Reusable and recyclable, once cleaned, repolished or resized, Belgian Blue Stone can also take on a new life in new construction or renovation projects. If you want to remove it definitively, it can be recycled as aggregates.

Belgian Blue Stone - Lille France (2)

A positive eco-balance

In 2007, we analysed the life cycle (LCA) of the Patrimony Paver, one of our exclusive products, according to ISO 14040 environmental management standards. The environmental impacts of the product were analysed in order to take stock of the incoming and outgoing flows (materials, energies, etc.) at each stage of production: mining, transport and implementation. The eco-balance of our production is positive.