Blue stone floor tiles with finish

Its hardness equalled only by its hardiness, the incredibly versatility of Belgian Blue Stone makes it ideal to use in all interior projects. Depending on the surface treatment it is given, known as finishing, it can take on very different appearances. Thanks to its wide range of shades and formats, it really does pave the way for all realisations. Whether your universe is classic, rustic or contemporary, the different finishes of Belgian Blue Stone will make it out of this world.

Belgian Blue Stone flooring can be installed in all rooms of the house: entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom and living rooms. It is also particularly well suited to public spaces and workplaces with a high footfall.


Overview of our finishes

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Finish Conception Flamed and brushed - Blue limestone paving 2

Conception (brushed and flamed)

The brushed and flamed surface of this finish has a slight relief, comparable to the effect of time on the patina of the stone. Tiles in the Conception finish blend perfectly with classic or cottage style interiors. They are particularly suitable for kitchen and bathroom floors…

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Finish Black honed - Blue limestone paving - Natural stone

Black honed

Tiles with a Black Honed finish have a uniform, smooth, and satin surface in dark grey or even black. This finish also exists in a shade of dark blue (Blue Honed). Black Honed is a timeless classic among natural stones…

“Blue stone exudes life and a feeling of mellowness.”

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Finish Patinato - Blue limestone paving - natural stone black 2

Patinato (brushed)

With its very light relief to the touch, the Patinato finish brings a soft, warm feel to interiors. It has a patinated effect, giving it an aged look. This brushed type finish is very easy to live with and to maintain…

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Finish Sabbiato Grijs - Blue limestone paving 2

Sabbiato Grey

This sandblasted finish is slightly rough, making it less slippery and more scratch resistant. Tiles in a Sabbiato Grey finish are therefore very suitable for high-traffic locations such as entrance halls or public spaces with intensive footfall.

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - reclaimed and tumbled - Blue limestone paving - Natural stone black

"Soignies Noir"

The “Soignies Noir” tiles have an aged finish with a slight relief to the touch. Oozing an inimitable charm, the “Soignies Noir” tiles lend style to the inside of any home. The edges of these slabs are slightly fluted…


A natural stone floor is unique.

The Belgian Blue Stone tiles reveal fossils, crinoids or white veins. All the beauty of a material created by nature encapsulated by the tiles on your floor.

Belgian Blue Stone stands the test of time and use.

Blue Stone is a noble and natural material that becomes more and more beautiful over the years. The patina of time embellishes it as much as the traces of everyday life. In fact, a Belgian Blue Stone slab doesn’t live in fear of the small scratches that everyday life can inflict on it. On the contrary, each micro-scratch gives it this unique patina and charm, which only a natural material is able to create. Quite simply a living material…

Give concrete shape to your Belgian Blue Stone project