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Patios and driveways

Thousands of years of geology… The sheer power of the earth is concentrated in the slabs and pavers of your patio or balcony. Resistant to impact and dirt and requiring little maintenance, Belgian Blue Stone is also a suitable choice for your driveways, parking areas, garage ramps and pavements. Anti-slip and cut to last over time, Belgian Blue Stone guarantees you an unrivalled quality. Used also for borders, the Belgian Blue Stone lives up to its promise of robustness over the years.

Photo : Christian Devallée

Belgian Blue Stone - Swimming pool - petit granit - Floor tiles dalles de soignies light

Ponds and swimming pools

Sourced from the land, Belgian Blue Stone marries beautifully with water. It gives a very natural effect to your aquatic spaces: ponds, bodies of water, pools, fountains, waterfalls… It gives rise to a play of colours and materials between the blue surface of the water and the grey surface of the stone, creating a peaceful and relaxing overall effect. Around the swimming pool, the alternation of smooth and non-slip surfaces, classic or modern coping, the harmonious marriage of materials with the Belgian Blue Stone will create a luxurious, comfortable and secure environment. Resistant to chlorine, Belgian Blue Stone perfectly sets off the elements around the water.

Photo : Christian Devallée

Belgian Blue Stone - Garden Steps - petit granit


In a garden, an apparently annoying level difference can quickly turn into an advantage. Steps from Belgian Blue Stone will reinforce the landscape perspectives of your garden. Go for a solid look or opt for a stone to clad the steps and risers.

The steps leading up to the house can also be created using Belgian Blue Stone. In addition to its natural beauty, it will offer your visitors a reassuring anti-slip surface.

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Blue limestone paving - Natural stone paver and border

Walls and parapet walls

Whether massive or in the form of rubble, Belgian Blue Stone can also be simply decorative, for instance when used as a wall facing on a support of brick or concrete. If you have a sloping terrain, consider the Belgian Blue Stone to erect your retaining wall. As a block or slab, it will make your wall solid as well as attractive. To guarantee the longevity of your walls, cover them with Belgian Blue Stone… an ally against the vagaries of time.

10 - Pierre Bleue Belge - luminaire exterieur

But also...

Add an extra natural touch with planters, benches, light fixtures, decorative elements or parasol feet in Belgian Blue Stone.

Far from being a detail, garden furniture is an indispensable element that adds a finishing touch to your green space. You will appreciate the undeniably practical side of a Belgian Blue Stone table or seat: no more need to bring your furniture inside for the winter..

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - reclaimed and tumbled - Blue limestone paving - Natural stone paver

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