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Belgian Blue Stone is ideal for long-lasting and intensive use. Door and window sills, foundations, facings, and even the finishes of the window frames, it gives a certain bearing to commercial buildings. Used alone or in alternation with wood, metal and glass, Belgian Blue Stone allows unique and timeless creations.

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Floor and wall coverings

Subject to intensive use and passage, the floors and walls of commercial buildings must meet strict criteria of elegance, robustness, durability and ease of maintenance. Available in many sizes and finishes, the slabs and cladding in Belgian Blue Stone do justice to these expectations, while acquiring a majestic patina over time.

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The very compact structure of the Belgian Blue Stone makes it insensitive to the wear and tear and the heavy use to which commercial buildings are subjected. Clad in Belgian Blue Stone, steps and risers become a feature in their own right. If required, a chiselled strip gives the stone anti-slip features. Outdoors, Belgian Blue Stone is resistant to frost, salt and pollution, while it does not require any real maintenance.

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Driveways, patios and gardens

Belgian Blue Stone is ideal for driveways and patios that are subjected to heavy use. Needing little or no maintenance, the rain and the sun will take on the job of giving it a unique and prestigious look. Of course, Belgian Blue Stone is not afraid of compression or wear. Its strength can contend with extreme weights and uses.

With its natural beauty, Belgian Blue Stone is also ideal for sustainably ornamenting the gardens of your professional spaces.

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But also...

Belgian Blue Stone gives a touch of prestige to your offices and shops. Your professional space then reflects the personality and style of your activity. Opting for Belgian Blue Stone guarantees an exceptional rendering. Counters, desks, furniture, benches, etc. can all be created to measure, allowing you to personalise your spaces and enhance your professional image.

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