Blue stone paving with finish

Belgian Blue Stone is the ultimate outdoor product: for terraces, garden paths, swimming pool surrounds or garage driveways. In public spaces, it can be used for pavements, squares, esplanades or pathways in parks and gardens.

Setting off garden plants to perfection, Belgian Blue Stone is a natural material that always looks great outside. And most importantly, it develops a beautiful patina over the years and only needs rain and sun to get rid of most stains, even greasy. A natural stone that is easy to live with and to maintain!

Depending on the surface treatment it is given, known as finishing, Belgian Blue Stone has different shades and a smooth or structured appearance, to effectively prevent slipping. Numerous formats and a large number of laying styles are possible.


Overview of our finishes

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Flamed - Blue limestone paving - Natural stone


This non-slip finish is obtained by a surface chipping of the stone. The Flamed finish has a textured appearance, very often selected for swimming pool slabs and coping…

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Bush hammered - Blue limestone paving - Natural stone

Bush Hammered

The Bush-hammered finish consists of recessed white dots mixed with grey dots, evenly distributed over the entire surface. The Bush-hammered tile offers non-slip qualities that make it an ideal slab for outdoor applications, whether for private or public use…

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Sawn - Blue limestone paving - Natural stone 2


The Sawn finish gets its name from the surface condition of the blue stone, which is simply sawed mechanically. The overall shade of the tiles is light grey with bands of different hues, distributed randomly over the surface. The Sawn finish is easy to maintain…


Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Sabbiato Grijs - Blue limestone paving - Natural stone

Sabbiato Grey

Sabbiato Grey finish tiles are sandblasted. Slightly rough, they are less slippery and more resistant to scratching. Very contemporary, the Sabbiato finish is easy to combine with more design features…

Belgian Blue Stone tiles - Reclaimed and tumbled - Blue limestone paving - aged Natural stone

"Soignies Clair"

The “Soignies Clair” tiles have an aged finish, slightly fluted edges and a slight relief to the touch. Traditional slabs that lend character to garden layouts. The “Soignies Clair” tiles are also suitable for interior flooring…

All our outdoor finishes

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The perfect harmony between the mineral and plant kingdom.

Your outdoor project doesn’t only entail laying down paving. Belgian Blue Stone adapts to a large number of applications that will give your garden an even more landscaped look: steps and flights of steps, border and palisade, pool coping, wall covering, low wall… As it can be cut to measure, the blue stone adopts all shapes and all cuts at will to create a harmonious overall effect in complete step with nature.

A local stone in your garden.

Quarried in Soignies, Belgium, Belgian Blue Stone is a healthy, durable and 100% natural stone. A local “homegrown” stone with a preference for short circuits to lessen its environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

Give concrete shape to your Belgian Blue Stone project