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Façade cladding

A superb choice for your façades, Belgian Blue Stone stylishly adorns houses, buildings and structures. Robust and requiring very little maintenance, it can be effectively combined with insulation materials.

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The best way to protect your façade, foundations in Belgian Blue Stone add character and bring out your home’s personality. An elegant partner for other materials, you will appreciate its solidity. It resists bad weather and develops a chic patina over time.


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Door and window sills

Whether classic or modern, Belgian Blue Stone door and window sills add a unique touch to your home. This solid stone can cope with all comings and goings and is always welcoming.

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Door or window frames

Belgian Blue Stone customises your doors and windows for a stylish and uncompromising result, providing moisture-proof protection.

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But also...

Columns, consoles, strips, cornerstones, pilasters, letterbox … all decorative elements in Belgian Blue Stone that confer prestige and beauty on your façade.

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