Renovation of a farmhouse

Reports 11 October 2019
renovation farmhouse - Belgian Blue Stone (1)

Traditional, modern, aesthetic and functional at the same time, Belgian Blue Stone is perfect for all projects, even the most daring ones…

This was the case for the owners of this old house located in Walhain, Belgium. For the renovation of their farmhouse, they wanted a material that was both natural and traditional, combining the charm of yesteryear with the convenience of today. They were adamant that a renovation should respect the soul of the place and it is a decision that has paid off thanks to Belgian Blue Stone! Today, it embellishes their daily lives.

« Blue Stone exudes life and a feeling of mellowness »

renovation farmhouse - Belgian Blue Stone (2)

Abbey Finish

This finish offers a patina similar to that you would find in castles and abbeys. The colour is speckled, ranging from dark grey to black. The edges of the slabs are slightly splayed. The surface is structured, soft and sometimes covered with fossils, veins or white calcite spots like authentic old slabs patinated by time.

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