A trend that never goes out of fashion

News 11 October 2019

In the 17th century in Amsterdam, blue stone was widely used for the construction of buildings that are now listed. Its reputation has endured for centuries and it is still considered to be the most reliable material on the market. When renovating listed buildings, it is always imposed by the city’s specifications.

Used for centuries for a myriad of applications, Belgian Blue Stone is a material with no secrets for stonemasons. From an aesthetic point of view, it is undoubtedly its unique and irreplaceable beauty that explains the enthusiasm of Dutch architects for this timeless stone. Stones from other origins cannot compete with its aesthetic qualities.

Belgian Blue Stone, a trend that never goes out of fashion!

chiseled finish - Belgian Blue Stone

Chiseled finish

The overall shade is generally light grey. The very light grey of the chiselled parts can be made out as they contrast with the dark grey of the raw material. Due to its non-slip properties, the Chiseled finish is often found on the nosing of stair treads. Here, the steps are finished in Milled and the risers in Chiseled.