A family home with a contemporary vibe

Reports 11 October 2019

Flanked by their children, the owners of a family home with a contemporary vibe welcome us in and tell us about their dreams and visions for their interiors. When building their house, they researched, considered, studied and compared different types of materials.

So why opt for Belgian Blue Stone?

Belgian Blue Stone contemporary

A healthy and local material

« We were looking for a healthy and warm material that would adapt to our contemporary tastes. We didn’t hesitate for long! »

« We like to think of ourselves as ecologically responsible. So the choice was easy: a local material, which is part of our heritage so to speak, and a sustainable product sourced from a short circuit: what more could we ask for? »

Material mixing and matching

« We had this dream of combining different materials to make the most of each where they work best for us. We found that Blue Stone is a great match for wood. We just love the contrast! »

A beautiful patina

« Over time, our stone has taken on this reassuring patina that is the hallmark of beautiful creations. We are proud to have made this choice, and the children will be able to enjoy it long after our time. Yes, it’s a good investment. »

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