Façade rendering or plaster, yes but…

Advice & Trends 11 October 2019
façade foundation - Belgian Blue Stone (2)

... with a Belgian Blue Stone substructure!

Façade rendering or plaster is very often used as an exterior plaster for a façade to obtain a sleek and homogeneous look. Despite its many advantages, it is very sensitive to dirt and moisture.

If you choose this type of product, why not go for a Belgian Blue Stone substructure. It is weatherproof and protects your home from damp. You will appreciate its durability over the long term!

07 Pierre Bleue Belge - clivoDECOR

In addition to providing protection, a Belgian Blue Stone substructure adds character and a real personality to your home. Your façade is the calling card of your home, and, as you know, the first impression counts!

clivoDÉCOR veneer

The choice is yours!