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Advice & Trends 2 June 2023

Belgian Blue Stone is a natural material that always looks great outside. Especially since it can adopt any shape, cut and size you want. Moreover, it comes in a broad range of shades and finishes.

It is sometimes difficult to make a choice among all the possibilities. Here are some tips to help you choose the right finish for your outdoor project.

These tips are provided to help you reach a decision. Elegant, timeless and versatile, Belgian Blue Stone is generally suitable for all uses. So, do not hesitate to give free rein to your imagination and dreams by putting your own stamp on your surroundings and going for a different finish 😉

belgian blue stone - limestone outdoor floor tiles - Natural stone flooring grey


Recommended finishes: all finishes suitable for outdoor use

All our outdoor finishes are suitable for your terrace or garden path/garage driveway. Different formats and a large number of laying styles are possible. The choice will be influenced by the desired effect but also by your budget.

Our advice: Allow for a thickness of 3 cm for vehicle-free areas (terrace) and 5 cm for areas with light vehicle traffic (driveway, pavement).

belgian blue stone - limestone outdoor staircase - Natural stone stairs garden


Recommended finishes: Bush-Hammered, Flamed and Sabbiato Grey.

To avoid slipping on rainy days or during snowfall, special attention must be paid to your choice of finish for your outdoor steps. Textured finishes are inherently non-slip. However, if you prefer a different finish, simply order anti-slip strips elegantly chiselled into the stone.

Our advice: In a garden, a slope can be transformed into a feature. By creating Belgian Blue Stone steps, you create perspectives in your garden.

belgian blue stone - limestone swimming pool - Natural stone tiles garden


Recommended finishes: Bush-Hammered, Flamed and Sabbiato Grey.

A place to relax, but also to have fun, these textured and non-slip finishes will ensure the safety of young and old around the pool.

Our advice: To enjoy the shade all summer long by your pool, why not opt for a parasol with a Belgian Blue Stone base? Robust and practical on windy days! A stonemason will create it in any shape of your choice.

belgian blue stone - limestone outdoor facade - Natural stone cladding


Recommended finishes: all finishes suitable for outdoor use.

The façade is the calling card of your house, and a cladding or a substructure in Belgian Blue Stone gives it a real personality. Elegantly combined with other materials, the Milled, Natura and Flamed finishes are the most common.

Our clivoDECOR veneers are another solution. These veneers reflect light and give your building a lustre and shine. Particularly adapted to current construction methods, they can be installed without joints and can even be glued to insulation.

Our advice: If you opt for a façade rendering or plaster, consider a substructure in Belgian Blue Stone. It will protect your home against damp.

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