Our range: Natura Blue

27 March 2019
Pierre Bleue Belge - Natura Bleu
Blue-grey in colour, Natura Blue is a smooth, dry-milled finish that gives the stone a satin-like appearance. The edges of the Natura Blue slabs are sharp, but slightly rounded.

Common applications

Ideal for indoor use, the Natura Blue finish is mainly used as floor tiles and wall coverings in living rooms, kitchens, offices, restaurants, building lobbies, etc. This finish may also be suitable for other applications: foundation skirting, façades, indoor tables, etc.


Custom format
Common dimensions as paving:
30 x 30 cm – 40 x 40 cm – 50 x 50 cm – 60 x 60 cm 
60 x 30 cm – 60 x 40 cm – 40 x 80 cm
Common thicknesses: 2 cm and 3 cm