Our commitments

Quality, respect for people and the environment

At the service of an innovative, aesthetic and sustainable construction, our mission is to offer a product of a flawless technical and aesthetic quality. A natural material, shaped with respect for people and the environment.

We invest in responsible production techniques and we develop a policy of continuous improvement, meeting strict specifications.

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Our commitment to quality

Belgian Blue Stone is unique. To guarantee its quality, we are committed to a voluntary certification process. Rough blocks, sawn slabs, shaped products and marble masonry are subject to periodic tests and inspections that go well beyond the mandatory quality standards.

The flawless quality of our stone has thus received ATg-Bénor technical approval.

The entire activity of the Belgian Blue Stone Quarries is also ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating that our commitment to quality is at the heart of our business.

Our commitment to the environment

We have embarked on an ambitious policy of reducing our environmental impact, whether in the industrial processes of mining, manufacturing or processing of our products. Moreover, the production of Belgian Blue Stone is mechanical and does not require the addition of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds or harmful substances.

To avoid any harmful emission, we apply this environmental approach throughout our production chain and play a pioneering role in the implementation of innovative processes for a better protection of the environment:

  • Blue stone scrap: Beyond our reasoned management of deposits, we recycle stone waste through a partnership with the aggregates industry, also present on our mining sites.
 Zero waste
  • Dust: We limit dust emissions by mining, sawing and polishing under water, as well as through the revegetation of the areas around our quarries, particularly at our Tellier des Prés mining site.
  • Water: We use water in a closed circuit to limit consumption. After sawing the stone, it is decanted before being reused. The water pumped into the quarry is made available to a water distributor. Otherwise, it is put back into the hydrographic network, at the same time improving its quality.
  • Waste: All our waste is subject to selective sorting and maximum recycling.
  • Transport: Our distribution chain is short and mostly local. The impact of transport is therefore reduced.
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Committed to this process of continuous improvement, we obtained the ISO14001 certification in 2017 in recognition of our efficient environmental management.

site historique carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge

Our commitment to the local community

Belgian Blue Stone is mined in the region of Soignies and is an integral part of the regional heritage. We have always been part and parcel of the local fabric. We work with local residents, elected officials and economic players to offer a local product of an extremely high standard of quality.

In addition, the blue stone is used mainly by a Belgian public, as well as in the bordering countries.

Our labels

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