Our range: Patinato (Brusched)

27 March 2019
finition Patinato
Dark grey or even black, Patinato has a smooth patina and satin surface. It has a very slight relief. Its surface may have particular features inherent to natural stone (fossils, white spots, black veins, white veins, etc.)

Common applications

The Patinato is found in indoor or outdoor decorative applications: skirting boards, window sills, panelling, various objects, furniture, steps, cladding veneers.


Custom format
Common dimensions as paving:
30 x 30 cm – 40 x 40 cm – 50 x 50 cm – 60 x 60 cm
60 x 30 cm – 60 x 40 cm – 40 x 80 cm
Common thickness: 2 cm