The garden of the giants of the north

Signature projects 11 October 2019
Belgian Blue Stone - Lille France

Designed to be a hub of human and cultural activity, thanks to its open spaces and its large esplanade, the Garden of Giants is a 2-hectare public garden located in the heart of the French city of Lille. A space turned over to nature and poetry, dotted with clearings and lush vegetation. Water is the main theme running through this garden, creating walks between the pools and water features. The Belgian Blue Stone naturally espouses the vegetation:

  • Blue Honed, Bush Hammered and Ice Flower finish slabs
  • Flamed finish slabs

Giant wicker heads with metal structures are a reference to the tradition of processional Giants in Northern France and Belgium.

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Location: Lille – France

Project owner: LMCU and SAEM

Project manager: Atelier Mutabilis (Paris)