Soignies Slabs

14 Pierre Bleue Belge - Soignies Noir
01b Pierre Bleue Belge - sol - Soignies Noir (Mur Sabbiato Bleu) 05 - Pierre Bleue Belge - Terrasse - Soignies Clair 07 - Pierre Bleue Belge -Soignies Clair

The stamp of a traditional slab

With a blue-grey (Soignies Light) or black-grey (Soignies Black) colour, the Soignies Slab is an aged finishing slab. Its smooth surface may show traces of sawing and visual characteristics typical of natural stone. The Soignies slab develops a patina over time and blends harmoniously with both classical and contemporary compositions. The edges of these slabs are slightly fluted.

Common applications

Soignies Light (Tumbled) : The ultimate in outdoor flooring: patios, pool surrounds, paths, etc. It is recommended to buttress the patio flooring with a border. The Patrimony Border is particularly well suited to the Soignies Clear Slab. Soignies Clear slabs can also be used as flooring for indoor use: kitchens, halls, living rooms, etc.

Soignies Black (Tumbled) : Soignies Black slabs are particularly suitable for floor coverings in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and entrance halls. Their nuanced colour and soft relief make them easy to clean.


40 x 40 cm2 cm
3 cm
60 x 30 cm2 cm
3 cm
50 x 50 cm2 cm
3 cm

At a glance


  • Aged appearance finish
  • Inimitable charm
  • Versatile design