clivoDÉCOR Limestone Veneer

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Belgian Blue Stone - Façade - petit granit - clivodecor limestone veneer Belgian Blue Stone - Façade - petit granit - clivodecor limestone veneer 2 Belgian Blue Stone - Façade - petit granit - clivodecor limestone veneer 3

A new lease of life for your building

”clivoDÉCOR” is a thin veneer of Blue Limestone that lends itself to a wide range of applications. It offers a raw, structured and sparkling face, of a dark grey colour, resulting from the cleavage, i. e. the bursting of the stone.

The particular visual characteristics inherent to natural stone: fossils, white spots, black veins or white veins can appear on the surface, which gives clivoDÉCOR an irresistible charm! clivoDÉCOR thin veneers reflect light and give your building a bright and shiny look.

Resistant and particularly adapted to current construction methods, clivoDÉCOR is easy to install and can be laid without joints. It can even be glued to insulation. In addition, it requires no maintenance.

Thanks to its decorative appearance, clivoDÉCOR blends perfectly with coatings such as rendering, wood, plaster or concrete. Outside, the stone will tend to lighten slightly over time, a phenomenon unique to Blue Stone.

The clivoDÉCOR thin veneer will put the spotlight on a part of your building. It will make your façade sparkle by playing with the reflections of light.

Common applications

Wall Tiles

clivoDÉCOR is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as wall cladding, foundations, siding or skirting. In the garden, for covering low walls and, for the most adventurous, as an insert to create a feature in a paving or façade.

Our advice

It is important to mix the modules well during installation to obtain the desired effect.


It is possible to mix different formats and thicknesses to accentuate the relief of the elements.

30 cm10 cm1,5 cm
Free lengths4, 6, 10 and 20 cm2,5 cm


At a glance

Wall Tiles – Indoor and outdoor use

Thin Veneer with a rough and glittering face

Can be installed without joints and glued even on insulation

No maintenance required

Not susceptible to frost, insensitive to chlorine, salt and pollution