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Sustainable development Winning assets

Belgian Blue Stone:  sustainable winning assets

  • Lifecycle Analysis and Environmental Declaration

To initiate a global discussion on sustainable development and the blue stone, the “Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge” conducted the first lifecycle analysis in the sector in 2007.

Summarised in one environmental declaration sheet, it can be downloaded from our website.

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  • Transport

Local material means reduced transport.

Another winning asset of the Belgian Blue Stone over allegedly similar materials imported from Asia.

We have been able to show, by a lifecycle analysis, that the transport of 1,000 m² of cobbles by boat from China would require nearly 11,340 litres of petrol, or 95 times more than the transport of our Belgian Blue Stone from our quarries to Brussels!

  • Comfort and well-being

Blue stone is a natural material that confers hygrothermal, thermal, acoustic and healthy comfort to a dwelling. 

All these exceptional qualities show that the blue stone is a sustainable material with multiple applications that has found its rightfully place in “high environmental quality” sites that focus their analysis on targets divided among such issues as eco-construction, eco-management, comfort and health. See table

Sustainable development
Private individual
Winning assets
Gilles Perraudin. Architect.
"This is how stone, this material of our history, is emerging as the material of our future, thanks to its qualities."