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Sustainable development

Stone: an ecological material

Stone is the prominent material for the future.  Made by the earth that bears us, and in the same process that saw us come into being, it is at the same time the only material that will survive us.  Its composition is familiar to us and elicits sympathy without reservations.

Stone is the material that can be reused indefinitely without consuming energy to process it.  The history of architecture is teeming with examples of the re-use of stones “borrowed” from other buildings.  What other material can claim such properties?  With a view to an architecture for sustainable development, it is the material which, together with wood and earth, is the most promising.  It is the most abundant material on the surface (and in the depth) of the earth.  All that’s needed is to process and assemble it.  It is the material with the lowest energy cost. It will necessarily be the prominent material of the 21st century if people want to preserve their way of living on earth by conserving the energy needed for construction.

(Gilles Perraudin, architect)

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