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Réception Reception room
Renovation. Domaine des Bouleaux, Arquennes, Belgium.

This elegant neoclassical property forms part of the prestigious locations such as the Château de la Rocq at Arquennes, the Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire and those of the Instruments de Musique in Brussels and the Château de Ruisbroek, managed by the company "Restauration Nouvelle"  and intended among other things to host receptions.

Blue Stone has a significant place in this 14th century patrician residence which is comprised of different rooms, two lower wings and an orangey.  For the flooring, honed finish works in perfect harmony with the spirit of the rooms, it blends perfectly with the extremely classic decor of the property.

Outside, it is again Belgian Blue Stone which makes up the terrace and adorns a large rectangular ornamental lake.

For the refurbishment of the Domaine des Bouleaux, the owners opted for Belgian Blue Stone because they particularly appreciated its aesthetic and technical qualities.  Indeed for the refurbishment of a residence of this style, an elegant material which suited existing building was needed.  Another important requirement for a reception venue is that the material used is easy to maintain.

The owners are satisfied and do not hesitate to use blue stone in their new projects.

Mrs Michiels. Restauration Nouvelle.
"We chose Belgian Blue Stone for its simplicity and because it is easy to maintain."     

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