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Swimming pool Project 2
Private home. Tervuren, Belgium.
Contractor: Chantier de Laeken

For the outside landscaping of this distinguished building, the owners had decided upon Belgian Blue Stone from the outset. The only problem was the choice of finish.

In the end, they selected Agripa for the pool surround, since it has good anti-slip properties and combines especially well with the water green mosaics used to line the pool. This finish is also comfortable underfoot since it is not overly structured and does not heat up in the sun. For the area directly parallel to the surround, a Milled finish was chosen since it has a subtle colour and nicely complements the Agripa.

Every last element of this prestigious project has been treated with finesse and attention to detail. This even applied, for example, to the pool technical access covers which themselves have been crafted from Blue Stone. Belgian Blue Stone is a natural material that can be cut to size according to the requirements of the project at hand. Our network of stonemasons is at your service, whatever your requirements.  The property does justice to Blue Stone since it has been used to pave two other terraces, and the whole area has been linked up by paths also laid with Belgian Blue Stone.

In order to meet your expectations as best we can, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions.    

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With a light grey speckled colour, Agripa has...

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