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Swimming pool Project 1
Private home. Renovation. Hoeilaart. Belgium.
Dealer: AB Carrelages (La Hulpe)
Architect: Dachy Nihoul

Serenity through the harmony of grey and blue.

Renovated and enlarged, this old gardener’s house is today complemented by a swimming pool where the sides have been transformed into a terrace. This creates interplay between the colours and the materials, between the blue surface of the water and the grey surface of the stone, giving an overall impression of peacefulness and beauty which is also practical.

Mrs Lambilot. Home owner.
"A space which is both vibrant and uncluttered, practical and beautiful"
Although the feel of Belgian Blue Stone is perfectly honed and pleasant under your feet, it is not slippery at all! For cleaning, there is not much to do really. No moss, grass or dirt darkens this vast space dedicated to relaxation and calm.

finishes_sawn Sawn
This finish displays the surface of a mechanically...