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Bathroom Project 1
Private house. Renovation. Petit Enghien, Belgium.
Black Honed wall covering.

Creating an original bathroom in an age of standardisation is quite a challenge. The room must be beautiful, pleasant and relaxing but at the same time practical to use. Here bluestone and teak used with the transparency of glass and the flash of chrome manage to create a room which is naturally calm, serene and peaceful. The originality of this bathroom also comes from the customized elements: a shower tub in a single block of bluestone into which 4 grooves were cut to drain off the water, 4 bluestone panels on the wall together with a bluestone shelf.

Mrs De Groot. Home owner.
"This bathroom radiates a relaxing atmosphere that I enjoy every single day". We knew that we didn’t want one of those standardised bathrooms that you tire of after visiting 2 or 3 showrooms. Then one day, at the Batibouw building fair, we were struck by a stand featuring a bathroom quite like ours, teak, blue stone and glass were the only elements that were used. For us, it was love at first sight. I maintain the blue stone’s lustre by wiping the surface every two weeks with Vaseline oil. Every day, the room radiates a calm and serenity which without doubt comes from the natural feel of the materials.    

finishes_darkhoned Black Honed
With a dark grey almost black colour, Black Honed...