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Living room Project 1
Living room. Renovation. Belgium.
Abbaye tiles.
Architect: Bruno Wauthier.

For this old farmhouse, the owners and their architect Bruno Wauthier, were looking for a natural, traditional material. Belgian Blue Stone met this dual requirement with the additional benefit of being Belgian. A benefit which is all the more important when renovating an old building without wanting to destroying its soul. This combination of Belgian Blue Stone with old wooden beams and carefully chosen furniture combines the charm of yesterday with the comfort of today.

Mrs Marchal. House owner.
"Belgian Blue Stone produces a lively atmosphere and a feeling of softness.
I enjoy the elegant and discreet simplicity of Belgian Blue Stone. It creates no obstacles when choosing the rest of the decor, with Belgian Blue Stone you can do anything regarding colours, materials and shapes. It gives your interiors an atmosphere of warmth and a feeling of softness that no ceramic tile could ever match. The upkeep, particularly in places where people walk, is a little more demanding, but the result in terms of aesthetics and comfort is such that you quickly forget it!"

finishes_abbaye Abbaye
With a dark grey-blue colour, Abbaye is...