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Sustainable development Private individual

Sustainable development and the private individual

Sustainable development is not only a “matter” for the authorities.

Integrating sustainable development in our daily life as private individuals means that we have to reconsider our consumption and investment habits by including the “3 Ps.” More specifically, we have to strike the best compromise between our economic (profit), environmental (planet), and social (people) interests:

  • Profit: Find the best value for money. Is it a good buy?  In the long term?  Does this product provide quality guarantees?  Based on technical seals of approval?  With the “benefit of hindsight:” the use made thereof in the past around me?  Is the CE marking applicable?  Is it compliant?

  • People: Prefer products more favourable to the employment of and respect for people (solidarity principle).Does this product promote social life and employment around me?  Is it in line with Human Rights?  Does it come into play for the abuse and exploitation of people in the Southern Hemisphere?

  • Planet: Prefer products more beneficial to health and the environment.
    Is this product manufactured according to detailed environmental criteria stemming from, e.g. directives or decrees?  Is the producer pursuing a voluntary sustainable policy?  Does he declare the environmental impact data from a Lifecycle analysis?  Where does the product come from?  Local production?  Is it possible to avoid buying a product that generates useless transport environmental impact?

Sustainable development
Private individual
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Gilles Perraudin. Architect.
"This is how stone, this material of our history, is emerging as the material of our future, thanks to its qualities."