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Landscaping Private garden
Private house. Renovation. Philippeville. Belgium.
Contractor: Philippe Renac,
garden architect - Plant Consult

Planted at a natural site, the garden gives off a wild air...
So as not to disturb the atmosphere of this rural site, the garden had to blend into this wild landscape. A delicate balance was created to give the place a spirit which respected the surrounding environment. A veritable unspoken dialogue between the water, the plants and stone chosen by nature and those selected by man so as not to disturb nature...
In this project, the stone is used in various forms. The raw material sits alongside the finished stones. There are recycled tiles and borders, blue stone crusts and ballasting rubble.
This diversity, mixed with the wood, water and ambient planning strengthens the natural character of the stone and gives the whole composition a poetic charm.

Philippe Renac, Architect.
"In a site like this natural materials were needed"
Blue stone seemed vital here, because of course it's a natural resource from the region, but also because it has different appearances which we can play on. To this is added the wood of course, and then all the planting including aquatic plants in the ponds. There is also a succession of different levels regulated by the blue stone, which makes this composition both relaxing, appropriate and in harmony with the natural environment.

finishes_sawn Sawn
This finish displays the surface of a mechanically...
finishes_crusted Crusted
External surface : natural, rough, very structured,...