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Commercial Offices Soignies
Renovation. Sales offices of Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge SA, Neufvilles, Belgium.
Architect: Etienne Binard.
Sculptor: Benoît Luyckx.

Wood and Stone

When redecorating the sales offices of Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge SA, the choice of material was obviously vital.  Even though it is grand by nature, Belgian Blue Stone can be further enhanced by a concept, a precise approach.

Here, the concept is based on artists’ intervention and combined with natural materials.

This interplay between the grandness of the wood and that of the blue stone creates a warm, welcoming place where it is a pleasure to work.

Etienne Binard. Architect.
”Large formats and artistic interventions enhance Belgian Blue Stone”
To showcase the stone, we opted for large formats since imitation tiles cannot give the same feeling. Furthermore, the intervention of artists like Benoît Luyckx also contributed to the enhancement of the stone. He sculpted a frieze in which we embedded spotlights. This frieze creates a path through the offices while lighting the space.

finishes_darkhoned Black Honed
With a dark grey almost black colour, Black Honed...