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Commercial Offices Paris
Renovation. Office building. 8, Rue de la Ville l’Evêque, Paris.
Architect: M. Oudart – Wilmotte cabinet
Stonemasons: Paris Marbre SARL

Belgian Blue Stone or how to give a façade a monumental appearance.

No. 8, rue de la Ville l´Evêque in Paris was an aging office building. Built in the 60s, it had a somewhat unsightly concrete façade.

The owner wanted a complete refurbishment. Different objectives were defined including the creation of an internal patio, enlargement of the office space and, especially renovation of the façade.

The renovation of the façade was done in bluestone on the initiative of the architect, Mr Oudart.

Elegance with a difference.
Mr Oudart :
"The idea was to indicate the entrance by means of a separate wall which stood out slightly from the façade, a sort of floating wall. Since the building is slightly higher than those adjoining it, I wanted to confer a certain scale and uniformity to the block by making this blue stone wall the same height as the neighbouring buildings."

A stone that can be treated in many ways.
M. Oudart :
" We wanted to use different stones and to obtain a light effect with horizontal bands. The rest of the building is in grooved granite; we wanted a light grey stone. Belgian Blue Stone offered a great variety of treatments due to its horizontal striation."

A stone chosen from many competitors
Mr Oudart :
" It is always difficult to choose a stone because there are many different opinions in the office.  After multiple trials and tests, Belgian Blue Stone was the one finally chosen. It met all the necessary criteria. We were very satisfied with the result and had no problem using it."

Mr Oudart. Architect.
"Like all northerners in this area, we have always known about the qualities and diversity of Belgian Blue Stone and we like it a lot."     

finishes_chiselled Chiseled
With an overall light grey shade, Chiseled is a finish...