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Belgian Blue Stone in towns Marke
The towncenter in Marke (Courtrai)
Realised by the Company Vuylsteke from Meulebeke

In Marke, in the commune of Courtrai, the square of the village has completely been reorganized.

This building site is particularly interesting because it is very representative of the possibilities that the Belgian Blue Stone offers when it comes to the roadway system. Indeed, even if the concrete block paving is very present on this building site, it is associated to many elements made of the Belgian Blue Stone and this association is particularly happy.
We find there the Belgian Blue stone as vertical and horizontal walls’ covers, several steps, a bit of pavement for the square of the Saint-Brice church, the framings of trees, several tens of linear meters of edges and gutters and a bus station particularly done well.
Urban furniture, very sober, agrees well with the Belgian Blue Stone and the whole brings much elegance to the square.

In this urban building site, space is treated in a very interesting way and the Belgian Blue Stone reaffirms its qualities as a material of choice for the road works.

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