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Maintaining Belgian
How can I get rid of grease marks on my terrace?
Grease marks will eventually fade due to the cleaning action of the sun and rain. This can take from several weeks to several months depending on the nature and quantity of the grease. For quicker results, you can use water with 2 spoonfuls of ammonia or a good detergent.

The blue stone tiles in my home have several scratches. What can I do about this?
Superficial micro-scratches due to movement and furniture, are normal and over the years will contribute to give a beautiful patina to the paving. To nourish the stone and reduce micro-scratches, you can treat your tiles with a natural soap (olive oil based soap) diluted in water. A shiny appearance can be regained using wax and a floor polisher equipped with a suitable pad. You can hire this type of machine to do this yourself, or contact a contractor.

My terrace is paved in Vieux Soignies. After several years, the colour is fading how can I restore it and recover a slightly darker colour and a satin like shine?
The satin like finish of the paving surface has been subjected to the effects of rain (slightly acid ph). To give it this appearance, you will need to use a floor polisher equipped with a brown pad (scotchbrite type) with water. You can hire this type of machine to do this yourself, or contact a contractor

Could you suggest a cleaning product for doorsteps and window sills in Belgian Blue Stone?
All you need to do is clean the stone by nourishing it from time to time with a small amount of natural soup (olive oil based soap).

How can I remove traces of adhesive from Belgian Blue Stone?
You can use a little washing powder. For large areas, there are a number of specialist products available. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on these products.

I would like to renovate old blue stone (paving, window sills…) which have become rough due to rain (acid ph), what must I do?
Stonemasons or specialised companies can mill the stone in order to restore its appearance.

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