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Landscaping Lobbes
Renovation. Access to the Collegiate Church of Saint Ursmer, Lobbes, Belgium.
The Electrabel fund for the preservation of the environment.
Contractor: Arbel SA

Like a citadel protecting the town, the Collegiate church of Saint-Ursmer at Lobbes was formerly a funeral church for the monks of the local abbey, then a parish church and finally a Collegiate.  A large part of its structure dates back to Carolingian times (4th century).

Recently, a renovation program has allowed the development of the access to this historic site.

A small park punctuated with a fountain, benches and seats, structured strips of land evoking thoughts of the squares of medieval gardens around the church.  Rough sawn and simply milled Belgian Blue Stone finds an important place here and brings a certain unity to the whole area.

Below, next to the presbytery, a modern interpretation of a medical plant garden has been created.  Every flowerbed is marked out by blue stone edges.

On the other side of the Collegiate, around a footpath going down to the town, crusted bluestone acts as a wall to hold back the earth.

On the whole of the remaining site, Belgian Blue Stone has been chosen for its technical and above all aesthetic qualities.  Indeed, this material integrates particularly well with the existing building and certainly gives this garden back its charm of yesteryear with, however a small touch of modernness.

Agnes Daval. Landscaper.
"I chose blue stone for mechanical and aesthetic reasons: it is a very hard stone that can be worked to fine thickness and therefore suitable for the lightness of the project. Furthermore, its colour contrasts with the walls of the covered walk of the cloister and evokes the colour of the roofing slates. Blue stone offers a great range of finishes and contrasts from the same material. I also found that the workforce of Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge were readily available and provided a high quality of technical advice."    

finishes_sawn Sawn
This finish displays the surface of a mechanically...
finishes_crusted Crusted
External surface : natural, rough, very structured,...
finishes_milled Milled
With a blue-grey colour, this finish is created using...