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Life Cycle Analysis

Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge is the first Belgian company in the sector to have analysed its stone throughout its life cycle and published an environmental statement which summarises the relevant information.

This environmental statement allows architects and opinion leaders to be involved in sustainable development by satisfying the “High Environmental Quality” (HQE) requirements.

Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge chose the most successful evaluation tool which follows ISO 14040 standards : the life cycle analysis (LCA).

The LCA aims to determine the environmental impact (flow of materials and energies; indicators of environmental impacts etc.) at every stage of a product’s life cycle:

  • Production;

  • Transportation;

  • Installation;

  • Working life;

  • End of life.

This environmental balance sheet refers to a unit of account called a functional unit (FU) - a scenario which takes into account the changes at each life stage of the product. In the case of the Belgian Blue Stone, the FU has been defined as follows:

”Installation of 1000 m² of Patrimoine paving stones in Belgian Blue Stone quarried from Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge SA (Neufvilles site), at Place Bockstael in Brussels (Belgium)”

The functional unit chosen within the scope of the study is based on two main points:

firstly, the selection was made on an everyday “natural stone” product that Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge have recently made popular again:  a paving stone;

next, Brussels was symbolically chosen as the place of installation; just as Place Bockstael which had recently been redeveloped in ….exotic stones.

At every stage of the life cycle, the following flows were analysed and quantified:

  • Consumption of natural energy resources (and energy indicators)

  • Consumption of non energy natural resources

  • Consumption of water

  • Emissions into the water

  • Emissions into the air

  • Emissions into the ground

  • Production of waste (valuable and eliminated)

The LCA makes it possible to identify sensitive areas where an improved approach could be introduced in order to further reduce the different environmental impacts of the life of Belgian Blue Stone.

The publication of the environmental statement for the Patrimoine paving stone indicates the willingness of Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge to:

  • Continue with its policy of sustainable development;

  • Respond with an effective and transparent collaboration to all those who question the environmental value of Belgian Blue Stone;

  • Reduce the environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of Belgian Blue Stone.

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