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Installing Belgian Bluestone
I would like to install a Belgian Blue Stone coutertop in my kitchen, is this recommended?
Of course. Simply choose one of the following matt finishes: Sawn, Blue milled, Natura light, Natura blue, Blue honed, Flamed, Conception.
If you would like to keep the original colour of these finishes, you should treat the surface with a good oil-repellent product. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information on these products.
You can also protect the stone with a little vegetable (olive) oil, or even a linseed oil/turpentine solution (1/4 - 3/4). Do not forget to remove the excess with a cloth. The surface will be dry and not sticky to the touch, but the finish will darken. If an acid product is spilt on the stone, you must then wipe with an oiled cloth to nourish the attacked spot.

What is the minimum recommended thickness for installing Blue Stone flooring outdoors?
3 cm: Terraces, alleys, pedestrian areas, roads not suitable for motor vehicles
5 cm: Garage entrances, pavements or places which may occasionally be accessed by motor vehicles
8 cm: Roads regularly used by motor vehicles, market places, places for delivery and emergency vehicles.

How to avoid grey patches on the tiles following repointing?
Mop with a damp floor cloth as many times as necessary to remove any trace of cement after repointing. If traces remain, you can use a very weak acid solution (best to perform a patch test before treating the whole surface). Caution, do not use acid on a shiny finish, since it risks dulling it.

How do you install Blue Stone on a facade?
The installation of a Belgian Blue Stone covering on the façade can be carried out by cementing/sticking in the case of small items (eg. Dado), or by a system of stainless steel staples for items with a thickness greater than or equal to 3cm.

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Installing Belgian Bluestone