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  A tradition of excellence since the 18th century

Carrières Gauthier & Wincqz
Coming from the Feluy-Arquennes quarry, a branch of the Wincqz family settled in Soignies in 1668 and, through the 18th and 19th centuries developed its blue stone quarries there.

In 1875, the Gauthier family, based in Lille but originally from Soignies, took over the quarry opened by Simon Bataard, under the name of Carrières Gauthier-Lestienne, and then Carrières Veuve Vincent Gauthier et Cie, before becoming Carrières Maurice et Henri Gauthier et Cie.

In 1935, under the initiative of the Gauthier family, the two neighboring quarries merged under the title of SA Carrières Gauthier & Wincqz; the third century of operation was commemorated in 1968 in the presence of King Baudouin of Belgium.

At the end of the 19th century, new quarries were developed in West Soignies, benefiting from the knowledge of a new science -geology- and significant funds raised within limited companies.

That is how, in 1898, Hector Heremans opened a new quarry called Clypot in Neufvilles. The activities developed quickly.

The SA Carrières du Clypot, controlled for a long time by the Bouzin family, merged in 1984 with the Compagnie des Ciments Belges C.C.B. before becoming SA Clypot in 1994; the operating centenary was celebrated in 1998.

All of its stocks was acquired on 8th November 2000 by La Pierre Bleue Belge SA.

This last company has been made up by SCA Covisse, Marbres et Pierres, supported by the SRIW (Regional investment society for Wallonia) to bring together the activities in Petit Granit – Belgian Blue Stone of SA Clypot and SA Carrières Gauthier & Wincqz.

In 2003, SA Clypot became Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge SA. From now on, this company ensures the production and sales of the Clypot site in Neufvilles and the Gauthier & Wincqz site in Soignies, two of the most important quarries for Petit Granit-Belgian Blue Stone ®.

Tellier des prés.
But the story doesn’t end there. A new quarry is being opened at the intersection of the towns of Braine-le-Comte, Ecaussinnes and Soignies.

On 19th February 2004, the Walloon government changed the district plan of La Louvière – Soignies to register a quarrying area of 167 hectares in the place called Tellier des Prés.

As the permission to quarry was obtained on 19th July 2006, the first clearing works for the new quarry started in autumn 2006, and the first block of blue stone will be extracted during 2008.

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