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Landscaping Company garden
Twin Square. Diegem. Belgium.
Contracting authority: Eurobalken
Architects: Emile Verhaeghen Architects office
Landscaper: Jean Delogne

On the site of a former sand quarry, a complex of about a dozen prestige buildings, including notably the Microsoft company headquarters was designed by its developers on the model of an American mini campus. This complex operates as a microcosm split away from its surroundings, with small squares as meeting places and recreational areas in the heart of the buildings reserved for its occupiers.

In these spaces designed in a formal and geometrical way, the landscaper Jean Delogne, when designing the green spaces has searched for materials intentionally contrasting with the rigidness of the built-up spaces. In his selection of plants, he has favoured the light and supple presence of bamboos and grass varieties.

It is unquestionably this use of bluestone in all its forms which has made it possible for Jean Delogne to explore the interplay of contrasts between the formal and the informal.

The presence of two monoliths erected at the entrance to the site, already heralds that strong presence of bluestone that we will gradually discover as we make our way through the site. A mass of fallen bluestones to the left of the two monoliths brings into play the light in the water running over this informal composition.

At the heart of the project, in a space reserved for walking and movement between buildings Jean Delogne has created a trail of water. At one end of this trail, close to one of the buildings a vertical structure formed of fine rectangular tubes cut out of the bluestone evokes the vertical structure of the building in front of which it is placed.
In the centre of the tubes, an animated vertical fountain in a transparent cylinder reveals the material and its simpleness, especially at night when the structure is illuminated by the magic of the night lighting.

A thin channel, hollowed out of the bluestone and operating in a closed circuit, gives the impression of connecting the two structures.

In a square basin with wide bluestone edging, two informally round blocks have been superposed, with a hole pierced in their centre where the frothing water bubbles through, revealing the magic of the bluestone crystals. In addition to the feeling of calm generated by the water discreetly running over the upper block, the noise of the running water provides an opportunity for those who come here in search of relaxation to get away from the disturbance created by the sounds of the nearby airport.

The jardinières surrounding the latter structure are made of bluestone sawing crusts. The crust was chosen not only out of concern for respecting material unity but also from the viewpoint of work saving since the slabs used directly form the structure of the jardinière and its facing.

Whether it is honed or sawn, in informal slabs or carefully cut pieces, blue stone or petit granit has a prominent place of honour on the Twin Squares site. All the stones were chosen to enhance the grandeur, the strength, the colour and the presence of the crystals that are the characteristic feature of blue stone.    

finishes_sawn Sawn
This finish displays the surface of a mechanically...
finishes_busch_hammered Bush Hammered
With an all over light grey colour, Bush Hammered is a finish...

finishes_crusted Crusted
External surface : natural, rough, very structured,...