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Benefits of Belgian Blue Stone
  The benefits of Belgian Blue Stone
  • Belgian Blue Stone benefits from more than three centuries of traditional knowledge as well as significant industrial potential for sawing, mechanical sizing and marbling finishing. Belgian Blue Stone is not only a good stone for building, but also a beautiful ornamental stone.
  • The quality of the reserves and of the stones enables supplies of consistent quality in significant quantities.
  • The opening of a third quarry (Tellier des Prés) guarantees a new reserve of raw material for more than a century.
  • Special attention is given to the selection. Our knowledge, combined with a prescriptive framework means that only 15 to 20 % of the extracted stone will be turned into ornamental stone.
  • There is a good reason why Belgian Blue Stone is used in many churches, cathedrals and monuments. Belgian Blue Stone is made to last, and just as the quality is faultless, the calculation of its price/longevity relationship is really very simple...
  • Our extensive distribution network makes Belgian Blue Stone available to everyone.
  • Belgian Blue Stone is so popular because its use can vary infinitely including paving, skirting boards, window sills, countertops, decorative elements and more.
  • Not just suitable for all styles of architecture, Belgian Blue Stone also adapts to the demands of modern comfort such as under floor heating.
  • You imagination will know no bounds, Belgian Blue Stone can be worked in many sizes.
  • Unlike imitations, genuine Belgian Blue Stone takes on a beautiful patina with age and thus enhances the prestige of the project. Wherever it is used, it naturally creates a discreet harmony between the design drawing and the charm of conventionality.
  • Belgian Blue Stone is a natural product from the earth. Its aesthetic characteristics are the result of long geological evolution which gives a prestigious touch to any property.
  • Belgian Blue Stone is a construction material which responds to new ideas about sustainable development relating to construction by programs such as "Haute Qualité Environnementale" (HQE) [High Environmental Quality].
  • Our Belgian Blue Stone quarries are covered by the "Social Label" which guarantees ethical production.

Do not confuse Belgian Blue Stone with Asian stone

Like many quality products, Belgian Blue Stone faces competition from low price imported Asian products. From China, India or Turkey, the stones are used on certain sites instead of and in place of Belgian Blue Stone.
We must warn professionals who might think about using these products.  In actual fact these stones have neither the same appearance nor the same technical properties as Belgian Blue Stone.  They do not meet the same quality criteria and seldom comply to the specifications of our sites.

Here are several comparisons :

Uniformity of deliveries
The diverse and uncontrollable supply sources of the Asian stones frequently result in deliveries composed of inconsistent stones.

The stones have neither the same shades nor the same patina as Belgian Blue Stone.  They do not contain crinoids.  Since they are often mixed with Belgian Blue Stone on the same site the differences in appearance and quality are immediately apparent.

Mechanical and Chemical Characteristics
The compressive strength and the chemical composition of the Asian stones are extremely variable. Tests for frost resistance are not performed in the same climatic and construction conditions as in Belgium.

Quarrying methods
Blocks are often extracted using explosives causing micro-cracks which are undetectable at the time of taking delivery.

Selection criteria
While in Belgium only 15 to 20 % of quarried stones are selected for marketing as ornamental stone, Asian stones are not selected according to the same quality requirements.

While Belgian Blue Stone has certifications guaranteeing its quality (ATG with certification, ISO, Designation of Local Origin), the imported products are only subjected to a few tests unrepresenting of the criteria as a whole. The Belgian Blue Stone quarries are also ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Asian stones are produced in human and social conditions which are very different to the Belgian conditions in terms of safety, working hours and child labour. They do not produce any consequences in relation to employment, on the contrary they threaten many direct and indirect jobs in the Belgian quarrying industry.

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