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Terrace Project 1
Private home. Renovation. Waterloo. Belgique.
Contractor: Entreprise Henrion.

A haven of peace composed of grass, wood, brick and blue stone. This veranda was added to the house. When it came to re-designing the garden, the owner wanted to create a complete garden-terrace where everything would be perfectly integrated and the terrace would be in tune with the natural brick of the house. For the garden contractor, Mr Henrion, Belgian Blue Stone was an obvious choice. It builds a natural bridge between old brick, wood and lawn, creating a coherent whole that celebrates the superb simplicity of nature.

Mrs Raquet. Homeowner.
"Belgian Blue Stone radiates warmth and a unique look". I was worried about the upkeep, but Mr Henrion showed me a paving slab imitating Belgian Blue Stone. Aesthetically, there was no comparison! And now I can say that the upkeep is really very easy. Grease stains fade away; the sun and rain wipe out anything! In short, Belgian Blue Stone combines beauty with ease of upkeep. A rare and pure joy.    

finishes_sawn Sawn
This finish displays the surface of a mechanically...