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Belgian Blue Stone in towns Anvers
Law Courts, Bolivarplaats, Anvers, Belgium.
Architect: Richard Rogers Partners

In a variety of finishes, Belgian Blue Stone is charming them and the Architects Office Richard Rogers Partners (RRP) decided to use Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge SA in the development project of the outside of the new Anvers Law Courts.

The prism shaped bollards, combining crusts with the mechanical finishes of Belgian Blue Stone, anchor the monumental sailing ship of Rogers not far from the banks of the Escaut.
The building, the true south gate to the town, opens onto Bolivarplaats, an esplanade laid out in Belgian Bluestone revitalising an area where the urban fabric was savagely disfigured by the ring road.
In order to embrace the curve in the tram line which links the Law Courts to the centre of town, the architects chose rough sawn paving blocks.
Sbattu and Chiselled are two finishes which have been used for the flooring as much for their aesthetic characteristics as for their non-slip properties.
Honed and Flamed dress the access ramps which are enhanced with stainless steel handrails.
Finally, Flamed which is extremely non-slip was chosen for the steps and risers.

This internationally famous site shows that Belgian Blue Stone can meet the requirements of the most architecturally ambitious projects.

“At Anvers, Belgian Blue Stone has proved itself resolutely high tech!”     

finishes_crusted Crusted
External surface : natural, rough, very structured,...
finishes_sawn Sawn
This finish displays the surface of a mechanically...
finishes_flamed Flamed
With a grey colour, Flamed is a finish obtained due to...